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Check out other states: should Michigan follow?

50 states, 50 laboratories of democracy. We can get ideas from the success and failures of other states - both policies, and how to enact them. 

Why walk blind when others shine a light? Ignoring state health policy is a missed opportunity in Michigan, but also beyond our borders.

For example, the hot topic of transgender treatment.

Should states pay for it? Restrict it? Promote it in schools, clinics, or other programs?

"At least 16 states have now enacted laws restricting or banning gender-affirming care for minors, and several states are still considering bills this year to restrict or ban care, creating uncertainty for many families. Florida and Texas have banned or restricted the care via regulations or administrative orders, and a bill to restrict care is on Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk.

At least 21 other states have passed restrictions on transgender athletes’ participation in sports.

California, Minnesota and Washington have declared themselves sanctuary states for gender-affirming care, as have the cities of Chicago; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and West Hollywood, California."

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