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Take ONE of These Medications and LOSE ALL Guns - "Safeguard Against Homicidal Side Effects Act"

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Loss of healthcare privacy quickly leads to loss of other constitutional rights, as demonstrated by attorney Tom Grieve in this video. Notes quoted below.

Tennessee has proposed banning the 2nd amendment for people who are lawfully taking certain prescription medications as prescribed by their doctor.


While we can likely understand what they are trying to accomplish, this effort will likely not only fail but actually yield horrible unintended side effects.

The "Safeguard Against Homicidal Side Effects Act." As written, the proposed amendment would require that the individual receiving a prescription for one of these drugs would have to sign an acknowledgement that the person:
(A) Understands and agrees to be barred from the purchase of a firearm for at least the duration of the treatment regimen; and
(B) Understands and agrees that information concerning the prescription will be shared with the Tennessee bureau of investigation and that the patient waives the patient’s non-disclosure rights under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) (42 U.S.C. § 1320d et seq.) and other federal and state confidentiality laws for purposes of sharing information concerning the prescription with the Tennessee bureau of investigation.

The proposed legislation would require that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation create a database of people who are taking these medications and that anyone attempting to purchase a firearm from a federally licensed dealer would be denied by TBI when the background check is performed.

List of 10 drugs targeted (1) Citalopram; (2) Fluvoxamine; (3) Paroxetine; (4) Fluoxetine; (5) Sertraline; (6) Venlafaxine; (7) Mirtazapine; (8) Nefazodone; (9) Bupropion; and (10) Escitalopram.

Link to Article:


Important for individuals and state policy-makers to know from the healthcare freedom side: HIPAA has never been about protecting individual privacy. Quite the contrary, as shown by the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom.



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