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Health Care Pork In HB 4437, Michigan's $ 82 Billion FY 24 Budget

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WXYZ has posted some of the health care grants in HB 4437, Michigan's FY24 budget.  It has passed in both the House and Senate, and is expected to receive the Governor's signature soon:


Healthcare Grants ($91,100,000)

  1. Post-Secondary Education for Foster Care Youth - $500,000
  2. Redford Wellness Center - $2,000,000
  3. Hamilton FQHC - $1,500,000
  4. Health and Social Services Disparity Grants - $10,000,000
  5. Lansing Warming Center - $800,000
  6. Lansing Prevention and Treatment Services - $6,000,000
  7. Henry Ford Health Center - $20,000,000
  8. Detroit Firefighter Health Care Support - $10,000,000
  9. Saginaw Economic Development Medical Center - $30,300,000
  10. DMC Children's Hospital - COVID Relief and Recovery Support - $5,000,000
  11. Mobile Healthcare Cardiac Imaging - Corazon - $5,000,000

Abigail Nobel
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Most of us don't need care that often, so we end up being shocked when we go in and find a system that doesn't serve our interests.

"He that pays the piper, calls the tune."

Abigail Nobel
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A nice capstone to last year's budget bill.

MichCapCon's James David Dickson highlights the Michigan Auditor General's Report on state COVID spending.

Auditor: 97% of Michigan’s $18B in COVID spending was federal money

A single firm earned nearly $149M producing commercials

Nearly all of the money Michigan spent on pandemic response came from Uncle Sam, according to a new report from Michigan Auditor General Doug Ringler. Between March 2023 and June 30, 2023, federal funds accounted for 97% of Michigan’s roughly $18.108 billion in COVID-19 outlays.

In the early days of the pandemic, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer decried the lack of a national plan for responding to the virus. But while federal money accounts for $17.630 billion of Michigan’s COVID spending since March 2020, state funds only accounted for about $463 million.

According to the audit, private COVID spending far outpaced local government spending, $13.25 million to $1.54 million for a ratio of nearly 9 to 1.

The state of Michigan paid a single firm, Brogan & Partners, about $149 million for a public media campaign. This included the many commercials encouraging Michiganders to take the COVID-19 vaccine, such as the one embedded below from 2021.

Brogan & Partners boss Ellyn Davidson was a donor to the campaigns of Whitmer and other Democrats, though at a minimal level. Brogan was Michigan’s seventh-biggest line item during the pandemic, according to the audit. This month’s audit is the sixth and final one regarding COVID spending.

Read it for yourself: State of Michigan COVID-19 expenditures, the final audit

“I want the world to open back up,” a woman’s voice says to start the spot, titled “My Why.” The 60-second commercial premiered in April 2021 and features visitors to Detroit’s Ford Field, one of the earliest hubs to receive the COVID vaccine, who explain why they took the jab.

According to the state’s COVID dashboard, as of Nov. 20, roughly 63% of Michigan residents have taken at least one dose of a COVID vaccine and approximately 7% have taken all recommended doses.


James David Dickson is the managing editor of Michigan Capitol Confidential, a daily news site of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Dickson grew up in Inkster and now hails from Ferndale. After starting his career in 2007-2008 with a one-year fellowship at The American Spectator, Dickson then had stops at The Detroit News and two newspapers in Ann Arbor. He returned to the Detroit News in 2012, and stayed for a decade.

While attending the University of Michigan, Dickson was editor-in-chief of The Michigan Review, a columnist for the Michigan Daily, and an Angell Scholar. 



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