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Is an MDHHS cover-up going on right under our noses?

Abigail Nobel
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If you live in Michigan, chances are you've heard rumblings of home school regulation.

There's just one problem.

Even after more than a year of rumblings, there's no bill.

Just a LOT of talk.

Talk heated up when AG Dana Nessel mentioned home schooling last December, but the real story was a 20-year MDHHS/CPS employee being charged with multiple counts of child abuse.


However, she offered distractions like home school regulation, and the media followed her lead.

Practically everyone* in Michigan fell for the distraction, and I think an MDHHS cover-up is going on right under our noses. 

But don't take my word for it. Watch AG Nessel's press conference for yourself.


*I've seen only one podcaster discussing it: the Steve Gruber show interviewed Jarret Skorup of the Mackinac Center.


If you and I don't keep track of Lansing health policy, who will?

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