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Abigail Nobel
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People rate MHF highly, earning us the Great NonProfits award for 2021 and 2022. The 2023 award is pending.

I'm honored to post a few member reviews here.

"Michigan Healthcare Freedom (MHF) is a great resource for reading and researching news of what’s happening in Lansing regarding healthcare, what the legislature and the governor are doing, and how this impacts us as individual patients or workers in the healthcare system. I appreciate the perspective of MHF, based on conservative principles, pointing out how big government, its agencies, and special interest groups seek ever-greater power and control over our healthcare. These entities work to gain more control in our lives which actually drives up costs, all in the name of better care. Therefore, MHF is an important voice that needs to be heard as it advocates for individual freedom and helps to educate the general public as well as elected officials."


"Michigan Healthcare Freedom is my #1 source for up-to-date information regarding upcoming bills and current legislation that may impact my healthcare. I *highly* recommend this resource to be and to get informed of what is going on in Lansing and Washington D.C. that may impact you."


"Michigan Healthcare Freedom is the single organization in Michigan dedicated to reducing the onerous government bureaucracy which stifles today's health care. Their forum, web page, and Facebook page provide Michiganders with up-to-date news on all aspects of government healthcare policy, as well as the industry's efforts to maximize the profits extracted from healthcare.

Every other organization in Michigan addressing healthcare seeks to expand the heavy hand of government and/or the power of the industry. The problem is that they rarely agree and the Michigan government then attempts to accommodate all these pressure groups simultaneously. The net result is a Rube Goldberg healthcare apparatus which consumes 20% of GDP (the most expensive in the world) and provides third world care.

Every State needs their own Michigan Healthcare Freedom!"

We invite you to view more reviews and add your own at our page on Great NonProfits.



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