From the Executive Director’s Desk

I did something brave this week.

After 10 years of executing the Michigan Healthcare Freedom mission by promoting real health policy on Facebook – I changed our “About” statement.

That may not seem like much, but to MHF, it’s a big deal.

Seeking to engage the broadest possible audience in heallth policy, we had always blended health facts, humor, faith, history, freedom, and heartfelt stories – in hopes that exposure to the policy posts would grow awareness. The group grew, and we had good feedback.

So changing that approach was hard. I procrastinated for months, biting my nails, hating to divide the conversation. The “what-ifs” swirled in a huge cloud of doubt, even when it clearly had to be done and I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

What if people didn’t like it, left the group, and the whole thing fell apart?
(Have I mentioned I’m a conservative, and by definition don’t really like change? Never mind the Dutch stubborn genes. Or my feelings about conceding defeat to the despicable Facebook algorithm….)

But the fact is, Facebook suppression had already destroyed our ability to execute the mission in the group. Many times! I simply didn’t have the time or energy to claw it back yet again.

Plus, to execute our mission properly, we want to reach people who are not on Facebook.

Besides, we have a better place for real policy talk now at the MHF Community Forum.

So I pulled the plug. No more serious policy posts in the MHF Facebook group!

Here’s the new “About”

MHF: growing the state health policy conversation since 2012.

Changes coming!

After 10 years of concentrating everything in this group, we’re leveling up our mission.

You will continue to see posts here about the Heart of Healthcare, Healthcare History, Humor, and Foundations, as well as the sad work-related deaths in Michigan. We invite you to post here on these topics, too.

It’s important to defend what we love. The real discussion of state bills is at the MHF Community Forum. You should join us there and invite friends.

Expect fundraisers and @everyone tags here. Active support of the mission does decrease need for both, and we appreciate it greatly. Complainers removed without notice.

MHF is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, charitable education and advocacy organization. Your tax-deductible donation supports equal constitutional rights.

Abigail Nobel, BSN, RN, MA (Politics), Hillsdale
President, Michigan Healthcare Freedom

MHF, PO Box 72, Burnips, MI 49314

Would you believe more people are already joining the group? I totally did not see that coming. Plus, posting Forum links on Facebook is growing Forum activity.

The MHF Director’s desk is cleared to work on the 5K, and there’s much less angst in the room.

PS. Just 2 more days for families and businesses to help reach our sponsorship goal!
Grow healthcare freedom when you become a 5K Sponsor.