Michigan House: What you need to know

The Legislature has begun another term, and today I have some information about the Michigan House Health Policy Committee.

Today’s 10:30 am agenda lists presentations from:

  • School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan
  • Michigan Public Health Institute
  • Health Care Association of Michigan

Michigan House

Are they coming with a bill request, like the presentation in the senate committee last week? Or will they give the new committee a health industry orientation, as occurred in previous terms?

We may not get answers today, because word went out yesterday that the meeting was canceled.

However, I’m including links below, because with Lansing, you never know. It pays to be ready today, as well as next week. It’s worth finding out what Michigan health industries, regulators, and legislators plan to do with our health policy this year.

Reasons to watch state bills:

First, if you have anything to do with healthcare, you know patients and clinicians are fed up with being squeezed by the system.

It’s important to remember: “Law is force.” The Law is a classic economic essay by Frederic Bastiat. His description of industry using law to pillage fits Michigan health policy perfectly.

The good news is, alert citizens can influence the bill process by watching committee activity and talking to friends. Although thousands of bills are proposed each year, “only” hundreds become law. You can help determine which make it through, and which get cut.

How to stay in the know and be ready to act:

  1. Bookmark or print the Michigan House Schedule. It shows days the chamber is in session, working on bills. On non-session days, Representatives may be available in their districts.
  2. Check out members of the House Health Policy Committee, sign up for agendas, and see previous testimony HERE.
    Two members in particular interest me for healthcare freedom issues: Karen Whitsett stood for individual vaccine choice and access to Hydroxychloroquine. Curt VanderWall chaired the Senate committee for the previous term, and sponsored bills repealing Certificate of Need. If there is anything we should know about the other members, drop it in the comments.
  3. Watch House TV channels for committee hearings and floor votes.


COMING SOON: The MHF Guide to State Health Policy will give you bill information, tracking tips, scores from last term, room for notes, and more.