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Public Health: the Backwater of Healthcare

by | Mar 21, 2024

I’ve written before about public health being the backwater of healthcare. However, today my local health department not only reinforced the point, it may have set a new standard for backwardness.

Longtime subscribers may remember the Covid Sanity Fact Sheet, which we published on April 9, 2020.

In it, I listed fresh air, sunlight, and UV light air purification to effectively reduce transmission. Common sense stuff, right?

A mere 47 months and two weeks later, I give you the guidance from today’s county public health School and Child Daycare Newsletter.

Public health department guidance

(Click here for full-sized image.)

Note the sunny open window and air purifier labeled “Steps for Cleaner Air,” and its prominent location in “Core prevention strategies.”

And at long last, we may be devoutly thankful to see masking, distancing, and testing relegated to “Additional prevention strategies.”

Any guesses for how many years it will be until the college-county partnership for COVID sewage testing is allowed to dissolve?

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