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Our Family Made the Change


“MHF COVID-19 SANITY FACT SHEET – get your copy today! This is not a big corp collecting your email. Read it and you will see how we can make changes for a healthier and responsive MI!

“You are amazing. This is awesome!  Thank you.”

Deb O

“This is good stuff!”

Bob G

“Thank you Abby, good to see and hear from you. Keep up the good work!”

Dan L

“Thank you, Abby! Now THAT will be something to chew on for a while… What a lot of work you have done!! Blessings,”

Bonnie C

“Thank you for sending me the MHF Sanity Fact Sheet on COVID-19. It is an excellent resource. May I share this with others? Sincerely,”

Abby G

“I found this information very interesting and helpful. Thanks for making this available!”

Cheryl M

“Wow, this is great, Abby!”

Rachel E

“Finally some fact based news we can use. I have shared this with some friends. I sure wish you were the Gov, instead of ….”

Bill G

“I haven’t finished all the pages yet but so far you have done an outstanding job and have been very helpful to my peace of mind. Thank you! Thank you! I will be passing this on once I finish it tomorrow!

God continue to bless you and your work,”

Danielle E

“Your Healthcare Freedom seminar got us started on the path to affordable healthcare. We’re so happy with our choice. Thanks, Abby!”

Austin & Monica K

What People Are Saying About Health Conversations

We are part of the health policy conversation


“Dear Senator Nesbit,

I am sure you know Abby Nobel. She is very well versed in health related legislation. I strongly urge you to seek her counsel in considering these Rx price reform bills.

We need the MI elected Republicans to do some things right, to demonstrate strong leadership, not follow wishes of the big campaign donors. Republicans in the House & Senate did that with Medicaid expansion and Common Core which were huge contributors to the losses the GOP experienced in 2018.

We are in a serious battle. You can not expect the grassroots to fight harder for you than you are willing to fight for us. As a leader, much is expected from you. Truly understanding the issues and legislation from the perspective of the grassroots is critical at this time.


Melanie K

“Thanks, Abigail! Wanted you to know I so appreciate your posts! It is a time-consuming process for you to study with discretion and share all of these thought-provoking articles! XOXOXO”

Tierney O

“Abigail Nobel…thank you so very much for keeping us on the goings-on of all things health related. All of your posts are interesting, relevant, and show both sides of the situation when possible. God bless you please keep up the good work!”

Jeffrey L

“Love it and very informative.”

Patti V

“Truly appreciate it how you bring to light new therapies, making us aware of topics related to health, and interesting stories.”

Faith S

“Love it and very helpful.”

Karen L

“Like it as is! Lots of info and great comments from people in the know!”

Bruce B

“I love your page just the way it is. Very informative with a good blend of news you need to know, and human interest stories. Can’t think of anything that needs improvement.”

Kathy J

“You have such wonderful knowledge and resources. I’m a retired nurse, so I can truly appreciate your knowledge, experience, and dedication. I am amazed how well you are able to share and communicate all the information you send us. Can’t imagine all the time and effort you put into your labors to bring us truth and facts. God bless you and keep you strong…”

Karen G

“Your probably the only one I would trust to save Michigan’s healthcare.”

Vicki K

What People Are Saying About Learning

We speak Legislators’ Language to make a difference


“As a former State Representative from the 77th District from 2010-2016 and now serving part of my former district, as the Supervisor of Byron Township, it has been my honor to work with Abigail Nobel. She has helped me with understanding why Michigan Healthcare Freedom is important for our state.

With term limits, legislators depend on experts in different policy areas to develop the understanding needed to effectively vote on legislation in so many different areas. Healthcare Freedom, led by Abigail Nobel, has been invaluable in developing that understanding in the areas of healthcare.

In my time in Lansing, I served on the Health policy committee as well as Children, Families, and Seniors besides Education and Military and Veteran Affairs. Abigail testified numerous times which helped clarify my understanding in healthcare issues. Many organizations have a financial incentive to lobby for their side of issues and bills. Michigan Healthcare Freedom comes from a deep care for the health of our society.

I’m proud to endorse MI Healthcare Freedom. Legislators are not born with an understanding of health policy – it’s a learning process. I want to personally thank Abigail for making special trips to Lansing to answer questions and testify. Thanks for the trips you make to Lansing and all you do to make a difference for what’s right in our state.


State Representative Tom Hooker

“When I became curious about lobbying, I reached out to Abby to ask how it works. She was so gracious in offering to take me through a series of classes that included: tracking, finding and reading a bill, researching, identifying arguments, and then working through a bulleted template to present. It was in the nuances that connection and change is able to be made, and she did a great job of adding that level of teaching into the class. So glad to have her expertise as nurse and policy expert to guide me. This class would be great for anyone who wants to learn more about lobbying, and exploring if they would like to begin to lobby. Thanks, Abby.”

Ruth V

“You did that! You brought me the information, and then testified on the bill. That resulted in the department head coming to the committee chair to say that if we would agree to not push the bill, they would stop advertising [Medicaid]. You saved Michigan taxpayers $2 million dollars a year. It would not have happened without you. You should be very proud.”

Senator Tanya Schuitmaker

“Your testimony bowled them over. They were hanging on every word. One committee member,
especially, spoke up and said you convinced him… it has a chance in the Senate now.”

Representative Ken Yonker

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