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To most of us, health policy sounds remote, complicated, and boring.

We hope healthcare will get better, but honestly – we’d rather someone else dealt with it. COVID is over, so we’re fine, right?

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Reality stares us in the face in every healthcare headline and doctor visit. Especially when we get the bill, but no diagnosis. Or our favorite doctor retires early, burned out from fighting a broken system.

Besides healthcare system issues, the state has placed psychological screening and “mental health care” in Michigan’s public schools.

It’s time to face our bloated state health policy head on. You’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly in this workshop. Above all, you’ll get tools to tackle the job of citizen oversight.

One Degree Wellness for Life has invited Abigail Nobel, President of MHF to facilitate a Workshop: From Headlines to Health Policy Change.

If you ever wondered how to rein in state health policy, this workshop event is for you.

  • Get your Tool Kit
  • How to intercept state and federal limits to our freedoms
  • First look at the MHF Guide to State Health Policy
  • 2022 Bill Explanations
  • Learn key questions to ask to defend healthcare freedoms
  • Beyond politics: effectively communicate with legislators
  • network with others over healthcare freedom issues

Health policy is specific, knowable. At this workshop, YOU will learn to recognize a health policy shift and understand its effects. Best of all, you’ll know how to impact change. 

 Sign up for the workshop today. Prepare to be empowered!

From Headlines to Health Policy Change

The workshop has limited seating.

Register by May 5.