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World Health Organization: 3 key facts for actionable freedom

by | Apr 4, 2024

With the World Health Organization (WHO) in the news again (when is it not?) constitutional conservatives are concerned. Fortunately, the facts support actionable freedom.

He who would take over the world must first control the money, the data, and the minds of men.

WHO conspicuously lacks these powers in its own right. As a voluntary member association it has influence, but no teeth.

Most importantly, it is not a nation. It owns no land, and has no citizens. Its standing to make any treaty with the U.S., much less a binding one, is dubious.

As a non-nation, WHO cannot tax or print money.

Instead, it depends on voluntary donations.

Its budget is $6.2 Billion dollars, approved for spending over a two-year period of 2024 and 2025. This is not peanuts, as any small business will tell you.

However, it pales in comparison to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) budget, which is nearly 12 times the WHO funding for the same time period.

A new MDHHS budget is approved each year. The 2025 budget has been proposed by Governor Whitmer, but not yet passed by the legislature. Not included in this graph is supplemental funding for the department, typically several billion dollars per year.

Budgets of both organizations are generally ear-marked to be spent on specific projects.

WHO angled for more freedom to focus on its woke policy agenda, but faced with widespread demands for transparency, it is unlikely to gain financial independence by that route.

However, thanks in part to MDHHS, it may not have to.

Data = knowledge = Power

Here’s the thing: data is expensive. Without massive funds, WHO depends on others to collect data to serve its agenda.

As we know, our data (especially health data) is constantly collected and shared among healthcare systems, insurance corporations, and our governments.

Specifically, MDHHS spends large portions of our tax dollars collecting, storing, and reporting our health information.
Intentional or not, this activity relieves WHO of some of the financial burden to achieve its goals.

One bit of good news: health records must be accurate, secure, and retrievable to be most useful.
Instead, they are rife with errors, largely due to heavy documentation mandates. As anyone knows who has tried this, cleaning up online records is virtually impossible, because by the time you realize the error, it has spread everywhere.

Health data security is almost as much a joke as privacy. I give you the still-rippling, vast UHC ransomware debacle. It began in Michigan.

Would-be tyrants plan for artificial intelligence (AI) to help weaponize our data, but they’ve slammed into the wall of their own woke agenda. In a most delicious irony, the climate change agenda limits cheap, plentiful electricity, which AI needs to function.


The hearts of men

Without the power to tax or enforce treaties, WHO is stuck. The only people obeying them are those who want to.

It does have allies. For examples, take this well-researched warning about WHO’s efforts to set up control. However, please note that the entire argument hangs on one assumption:

“… to the extent that the WHO governmental procedures are construed as legitimate by nation-state governments…”

That’s where control of hearts and minds comes in.

Slavish compliance of many people is essential to world domination.
Two lies easily capture the weak-minded: loyalty to the woke agenda, and belief that every rule-maker is a legitimate authority. MDHHS promotes both of these beliefs.

Some feel called to spend time on fighting WHO directly.

I would argue that actions closer to home are far more urgent and effective.

The fundamentals within our control deserve all the “head” space we can given them.

  • Faith in God, understanding His created order, and fulfilling our role in it.
  • Parental rights and responsibilities to train and protect the minds, hearts, and bodies of their children.
  • How you, as a responsible American citizen living in Michigan, can strengthen our constitutional system.

Your future stated clearly.

Assume that your congressman doesn’t believe WHO is a threat, and eventually it does become weaponized.

Ask yourself, “In which future scenario am I and my loved ones most likely to survive with our freedoms intact?”

Scenario A. My family and local church ties are strong, and my local and state elected officials are committed to securing my freedoms. They have limited bureaucracies here to essential powers.

Scenario B. My family is broken. I don’t have a church, and I don’t talk to my local and state elected officials. The bureaucracies here are bloated with funding and enforcement powers.

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