This Myth Supports Healthcare Tyranny

One of the strongest chains of healthcare tyranny is an insidious myth.

MiHealthFreedom Health policy mythsThis myth is so ingrained in American culture, we probably aren’t even aware of it.

However, it’s easy to identify – and breaking free opens up a whole new field of healthcare freedom defense.

An election year like 2022 sees this myth at its most active.

It shows up in statements like these:

  • “The only thing we need is the Right People in Office.”
  • “Elect them and let them do their job.”
  • “Regular people don’t need to understand health policy, we have experts for that.”
  • “Fix the system and we won’t have to worry about it.”

Does any of this sound remotely like the Constitution’s idea of vigilant self-government? It shouldn’t! This philosophy is called the rule of experts, and comes from progressivism.

Watchdogs are vital to freedom.

Citizen watchdogs are the constitutional way to maintain limited government. Practically speaking, we need citizen truths to counter healthcare lobby narratives. When lobbyists face no opposing facts, their bills appear logical, even harmless, in light of the health policy problems they portray.

Some want to shut down lobbying, but this is America. Ditching the First Amendment would only drive special interests underground. Instead, let’s bring better facts from our personal corner of healthcare.

Citizen Watchdog Oversight is Essential

Michigan Healthcare Freedom can give you watchdog tools like Candidate Questions and HEAL Michigan and the Class of the Month – but in the end, there is no substitute for the people themselves knowing what their legislators are up to. This most true during the working part of the legislator’s calendar year outside elections.

Watchful citizens are the only path to retaking health policy.

Anyone can be a Watchdog with these 3 Questions

Try this, starting with the schedule for committee hearings. The highlighted committee links to the current bill agenda.

The MI House Health Policy Committee Hearing is usually on Thursday at 10:30 am. Video access is here on the House TV Calendar.

Typically, the MI Senate Committee for Health Policy and Human Services meets Thursdays at 1 pm. Livestream is here.

Ask three questions as you watch:

  1. Is this a real problem?
  2. What caused it?
  3. Can healthcare freedom provide a better solution than this bill?

And there you have it: the key parts of every health policy problem.

Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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