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Bridging the barriers to better health policy

State health policy walls divide us. Patients, clinicians, and legislators barely talk, and few understand health policy’s true impact.

Michigan Healthcare Freedom has been bridging the barriers with education and advocacy since 2012. We grow the local and state conversation about real life problems and common sense solutions, enabling people to advocate knowledgeably.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

-US Declaration of Independence

You may feel you’re alone as your freedoms are under assault in the name of health.

MHF Insights for Action

How to Forum

How to Forum

If you've never used a Forum or Discussion Board, this How to Forum is for you. A few months ago when the MHF Forum launched, I was thrilled. It had been a lot of work, but even more, it's a milestone to taking back health policy. Growing conversation and...

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Schizophrenic State Mental Health Policy

Schizophrenic State Mental Health Policy

Should the state control mental health? The correct answer is, “Only if you believe in putting schizophrenics in charge of the asylum.” It’s becoming ever more clear that mental health will be what the state says it is, as long as the state pays for it, regulates it,...

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Health Sharing: Why a State Tax Deduction

Health Sharing: Why a State Tax Deduction

As states clean up Medicaid rolls, a tax break for health sharing could benefit residents and focus the troubled program on its mission. Medicaid “churn” is back Since the federal government removed COVID restrictions, state Medicaid is once again required to prove...

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Bad Michigan Health Policy Costs All of Us

Michigan healthcare law has been growing for a hundred years, as special interests and regulators control more of the market for their own power and profit.

Consumers pay in higher bills, wasted time, and frustration.

Healthcare Professionals pay when mandates violate their conscience and steal patient time.

Parents pay when mandates interfere with their children’s health and local school policy.

Employees pay for the right to make independent health decisions.

We all know that Hospital systems, Insurance, Higher Education, and Pharmaceutical and Medical manufacturers lobby for their own interests.

However, most are not aware that Michigan’s largest healthcare lobby is the executive branch of government. Empowered by our legislators and led by the governor, our regulatory agencies burden healthcare with complex programs and rules. The largest state agency is the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS).

Healthcare begins with inherent rights and responsibilities. We need freedom to make the best use of our property, including conscience, to protect our lives.

State regulations and special interest laws raise barriers to our diverse healthcare needs, reducing patient and clinician freedom to exercise their individual rights. Barriers inflate system demands on our time, effort, and money, putting lives and livelihoods at higher risk.

Well-informed citizens are the bridge forward to the full range of Michigan healthcare choices at lower prices and higher quality.

Our greatest risk in 2021 is not illness. It is state power gone amok.

Healthcare Costs Always Fall on Patients

The powerful Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) micromanages patient care through clinician regulation and reimbursement. Then it sends us the bill.

The $33.4 Billion MDHHS Budget comes out of our pockets and limits our potential.

Our Policy Barriers Create Medical Shortages

The more time health professions must devote to meeting state regulations, the less time they can give to patients. Heavy compliance requirements are one of the top reasons for job dissatisfaction, burnout and leaving the professions.

Michigan residents live in a primary care shortage area.


Higher than any other Great Lakes State

Michigan residents live in a dental shortage area.

Michigan is short


What people say …

Our Family Made the Change

“Your Healthcare Freedom seminar got us started on the path to affordable healthcare. We’re so happy with our choice. Thanks, Abby!”

– Austin & Monica K

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We are part of the health policy conversation

“Michigan Healthcare Freedom has been an excellent resource for information. Abigail is a straight shooter and in these days it is so good to have a place I can get vetted information.”

-Amy D

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We speak Legislators' Language to make a difference

“Your testimony bowled them over. They were hanging on every word.”

– Former State Representative

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Health policy is controlling, high-priced and complicated for a reason. For too long, our ignorance has enabled big lobbies to hijack state law. Michigan Healthcare Freedom bridges state, industry, political, and knowledge barriers to return to securing individual rights.

Move the Dial

Michigan is in a dark time.

Join the bridge to the other side

- shine the light of freedom in your community.

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