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Innovation peaked with your grandparents

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It's not your imagination: innovation is down.

Clipped from the January 8, 2023 Morning Brew email:

 Innovation peaked with your grandparents. We know we’re supposed to be touting progress in this section, but a study published this week found that science has actually been getting…less innovative since the 1950s. Reviewing data from 45 million papers and 3.9 million patents from six decades across all major fields of science, researchers found that newer discoveries are less likely to be disruptive and push science and technology in a new direction. No one’s exactly sure why, but one theory is that scientists have already found all the “low-hanging fruit.” Another is that they’re working in bigger teams and pushed to publish more frequently, leading to more incremental advancements.

The Brew links this report in the journal Science. I clipped what I could here, most of it is unfortunately behind a paywall.

‘Disruptive’ science has declined — and no one knows why

Max Kozlov  |  January 4, 2023
Max Kozlov studied cognitive neuroscience at Brown University as a first-gen student. After graduating, Max was awarded the 2020 AAAS Mass Media Fellowship, where he covered science at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Today, he writes for Nature as a life-sciences reporter.

His work has also appeared in The Atlantic, Quanta Magazine, The Scientist, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Behavioral Scientist, and The Public’s Radio.

Dare one suggest a loss of freedom?
Grounding in reality, freedom of thought, speech, and action - all necessary to innovation. And all woefully suppressed in today's education, healthcare, and science.
And then there's the fact that government funds the lion's share of "science."



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