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LARA’s BCHS Recommends Revocation Of REDICO AHSL Jenison Cherrywood's AFC License For Cause

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American House Senior Living Communities, a unit of Southfield-based Real Estate Development and Investment Company (REDICO LLC), operates over 50 independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in the Midwest and Florida.  REDICO's varied operations are centered in their home state of Michigan.

LARA's Bureau of Community and Health Systems (BCHS) has just recommended the revocation of the adult foster care (AFC) license of American House Senior Living Jenison Cherrywood. An 83 year old memory care resident with physical handicap(s) wandered out of the facility ("eloping") and died in the early morning on October 14th.

The question now is whether this very sad incident was the result of poor management unique to American House Senior Living Jenison Cherrywood, or American House Senior Living Communities in general, or a systemic problem due to the labor deficits now being experienced by all health care delivery operations.  The story from Fox 17 News:

Jenison adult care facility risks losing license after patient found face down on lawn, dead
Michigan Department of Regulatory Affairs recommends American House Senior Living Jenison Cherrywood have its license revoked
November 12, 2023

JENISON, Mich. — American House Senior Living Communities is at risk of losing its license for the Cherrywood Jenison facility after a resident was found dead in October.

The Michigan Department of Regulatory Affairs published a full 13-page report of the incident, recommending the nursing home have its license revoked for improper care of a man with Alzheimer's who was "physically handicapped."

The report states it involves the American House Senior Living Jenison Cherrywood location at 798 Oak Crest Lane.

The report alleges that the patient was found face down on the facility's front lawn after escaping earlier in the night. On October 13, investigators found the man pulled the fire alarm before being redirected by staff. Later, they found he pulled the fire alarm again without alerting anyone. Employees of the nursing home told detectives because the fire alarm was not reset after it was pulled the first time, the alarm did not trigger.

The investigative report shows the man was outside for seven hours before staff found him face down on the front lawn. He was found 25 feet away from his walker. Detectives stated it was 49 degrees and rainy when he was found wearing pajama pants and a hunting jacket.

After interviewing numerous employees of American House Senior Living Communities, investigators say the patient was known for making escape attempts from the facility. They also allege staff working during the night in question kept improper care of the man. Investigators say rounds were not properly taken during the time of the incident.

It should be noted that the deceased resident lived at AHSL Jenison Willowood for a couple of weeks prior to this incident.  The deceased was transferred to AHSL Jenison Cherrywood after eloping at least once from Willowood due to Cherrywood being a supposedly locked memory care facility which would presumably prevent him from eloping again.



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