Individual Healthcare Rights and National Events

Your individual healthcare rights are in the cross-hairs of current events. Knowing the implications of national health policy headlines for your rights in Michigan can empower you to defend them.

Call it a bird’s-eye view, or a serious game of chess. Here’s a quick summary:

  • The “Inflation Reduction Act” lets the US HHS Secretary negotiate for drugs, setting prices for every Medicare participant; and adds other price-fixing rules.
  • Health insurance lobbies were thrilled to get ACA subsidies extended – it gives them ongoing control of your healthcare dollars.

Contrast the individual healthcare right to shop for deals wherever we want, with our own money. This is the real reducer of price inflation.

  • In a sharp reminder that federal programs hold the whip hand over states, CMS halted Georgia’s ACA revision.
  • Florida, however, leveraged partial state power over Medicaid to end gender transition coverage.
  • Moody’s forecasts economic challenges and potential increases in health insurance premiums. (More of your money down the black hole.)

Bottom line for individual rights and health policy:MHF 5K at the Park

  1. YOU spend your money more wisely than anyone else. In terms from the Declaration of Independence, we need liberty to use our property to sustain our lives.
  2. If we ever expect to curb federal overreach into our individual healthcare rights, we must grow public understanding of state health policy.
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