Join MHF for a Sneak Peek at ALL THE BILLS

MiHealthFreedom Reagan quoteSo. Many. Bills.

What do “all the bills” have to do with your healthcare freedom issue?

Amid widespread healthcare malfunctions, Michigan is well into the subsidy phase of Ronald Reagan’s famous description of government.

Shortages, powerful healthcare industries, massive bureaucracy, and out of control spending have one thing in common: their source.

Oddly, the Constitution’s answer to policy woes circles directly back to the cause.

It’s not the federal government. Or individual bureaucrats, or candidates. Not even the courts.

MI Healthcare Freedom Measuring state health policyState Bills are key to taking back healthcare.

Michigan legislators have voted on hundreds of state health policy bills since taking office in January, 2021.

Few Michigan citizens have time to follow every one of these votes, much less the complex bill-making process. Many believe passionately in accountability, but how can they hope to deliver it without solid information?

As a result, there is a huge disconnect between voter conversations and the bills that pass in Lansing.

With the nonpartisan, comprehensive 2022 Report Card, Michigan Healthcare Freedom’s HEAL Michigan Project is closing the loop between state health policy and ballot box accountability. 

A Sneak Peek at the 2022 MHF Report Card

Which healthcare issue concerns you? Chances are, it traces back to Michigan legislation. If your hot button issue is government overreach, Michigan legislation should be on your radar.

Are you curious about which bills are in the pipeline? You can see exactly what’s coming through the screens I share.

If you are tracking bills (good or bad!) your participation helps ensure that this report card will be truly comprehensive.

Join MHF Members tomorrow as we review Phase One  – ALL THE BILLS.

We send MHF members a Zoom link for the last Friday noon of each month.

One-time participation in this event is $25*.
Become a member to access a class per month through the end of 2022 for $200*.
Pay at “Support the Cause.”

*All proceeds go to support learning at Michigan Healthcare Freedom. Hope to see you at the webinar!

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