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The trade-offs of paid leave policies: Is Whitmer hoping voters won’t notice the cost of her mandates?

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Have you noticed the trend of state health policy to duplicate federal regulation?

For states to double up on federal law is a really bad, bad policy.

For one thing, it doubles up all the evils of overregulation: time and documentation compliance costs to workers, plus taxpayer costs for enforcement.

Perhaps even more harmful is the confusion. First, when individuals think government is handling something only the people can do for themselves. Secondly, it becomes a question of which agency to contact when something goes awry. Too often, confusion means no-one is ever held responsible.

In the past, Michigan duplicated federal policy areas like controlled substances, medication safety, quality and documentation of care.

Now, as Mackinac Center describes, it's the governor expanding federal labor law.

The trade-offs of paid leave policies: Is Whitmer hoping voters won’t notice the cost of her mandates?

November 16, 2023  |  By James M. Hohman


The federal Department of Labor dedicates a page to state areas of labor policy. As you can see, benefits are not listed.




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