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MSU Health Care In East Lansing Expanding In-house Laboratory Services With Grand Rapids-based Private Equity Firm Auxo Investment Partners

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MSU's health care organization is pursuing a less centralized structure than U of M Health Care in its operations:

MSU Health Care In East Lansing Expanding Services with In-house Laboratory
By Jim Stickford - August 11, 2023

MSU Health Care Laboratories in East Lansing, a joint venture between MSU Health Care and Grand Rapids-based private equity firm Auxo Investment Partners, stated that operations of the laboratory will begin in mid-August.

“Diagnostic testing is crucial for patient care,” says Roger Jansen, chief strategic growth officer for MSU Health Care. “This laboratory will allow MSU Health Care to prioritize routine and specialized tests, ensuring comprehensive care for our communities. We are confident in redefining health care delivery and making a positive impact on our patients’ lives.”

MSU Health Care Laboratories will offer patients draw stations throughout Michigan, acceptance of a wide variety of insurances, and improved turnaround times to support expedited diagnosis to better guide patient care.

For clinicians, MSU Health Care Laboratories will offer blood, molecular, drug monitoring, toxicology, pharmacogenomics, and pathogen diagnostic testing immediately. Plans are underway to provide EMR interfaces/integrations, an increased and diversified test offering, and industry leading turnaround times.

MSU Health Care Laboratories, formed in 2022, seeks to create a better laboratory experience for Michigan. The laboratory aligns with MSU Health Care’s mission to collaborate with like-minded companies to support research, teaching, and improve the health of the communities we serve.

“We are proud to join MSU Health Care in this advancing the health of the people in Michigan through the Michigan Opportunity Fund,” says Brian Dora, principal at Auxo Investment Partners. “The Michigan Opportunity Fund is designed to invest Michigan capital from Michigan investors into Michigan-based businesses to drive economic growth and create lasting value for communities. Together, we will combine resources and expertise to enhance patient care, preserve legacies, and promote job creation within our home state.”



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